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Help for New Parents

pregant lady holding stomachParent Rescue would like to welcome you and your new family to our parenting website. Parent Rescue has been successfully providing the community with parenting education since 2000.

Parent Rescue is an expectant parent and new parent program servicing families in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Adelaide and Western Australia.

Expectant couples have the chance to be among the first in the world to join a new program helping first-time mums and dads cope with the first 12 months of their baby's life.

Parent Rescue Program aims to prepare couples for the physical and emotional challenges of life with a baby. The first year of parenting is a vulnerable time for both the babies and the parents.

Many experienced parents say how unprepared they had been for life with their first baby. Most first-time parents focus on getting as much information as possible about pregnancy and labor by attending prenatal classes.

But there is very little information available that prepares parents for that moment when they come home from the hospital and they're alone with their baby for the first time.

Parent Rescue will give parents the knowledge and confidence to manage challenging situations such as settling a crying baby, helping a baby sleep, understanding age appropriate routines and your baby's needs.

Our Parent Rescue Programs are designed to assist parents and inspire confidence, prior to their baby's arrival and immediately after birth so they are relaxed enough to enjoy what really is a precious time in their baby's life.

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